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Starting with real estate in 1984, I bought a Help-U-Sell franchise. My success in real estate is the result of 30 years’ hard work, helping clients, and learning as much as I can about the market.


"My customers want to save as much money as they can, have a stress-less transaction, be able to ask questions and to be kept continually informed. They want an agent who will listen to what they want, anticipate problems, give them options and explain the ramifications of the different options."


See three following examples of clients' experiences:


Example 1

 Need: wanted to relocate from California to Florida

 Goal: to get enough money out of the sale of her present home to pay off present mortgages and to buy a place in Florida that would be free and clear of all mortgages. Because this money that she was getting out of this home was her retirement money, it is very important to do everything she could to maximize the value of this present home.

 Solution: List the upgrades and improvements that could be done with very little money and relatively quickly. Have a plan to stage the home, price it aggressively and plan the marketing of the home, including marketing it on as many websites as possible, contacting possible buyers and networking with other agents.

 Execution: We went from room to room; the seller decided what she could do to de-clutter and to clean up the house to make it as clean and spacious as possible, to polish all wooden surfaces with a high-gloss furniture polish. Clean the windows inside and out. Power-wash the front and back of the house cut the grass and do a little inexpensive landscaping.

 Results: The Seller said, “I've been buying and selling Real Estate for over 25 years, and I have never met a more incredible Agent. Maurine has helped us from A to Z. She helped us get the home ready to show, price the home and plan the best marketing. We got a full price offer and we saved money by using her Set Fee concept. I am recommending her to my friends and family.”


Example 2

 Need: Seller lost his job and could no longer afford to keep up the payments on his home. He had gone through all of his savings and his retirement trying to maintain the home payments. He could not do a regular sale on his home because he owed more money on the home than what it was worth.

 Goal: get out from under the heavy payments and all of the other money problems this was creating for him and for his family and to start over again.

 Solution: To do a Short Sale on the home. Get help with planning to pay off all of the credit card debts and get into a new place to live.

 Execution: We marketed the home and found a buyer. We helped the homeowner put together a short sale package for the lender. The short sale package explained their hardship, contained the contract from the buyer, the comparables which justify the price we sold it for, the estimated closing statement and requests that the lenders take less money than what is owed on the home and forgive the rest of the debt. We followed through every week with the lender on the short sale until it was completed; it took about two months for all the paperwork to be with the Lender. The Seller found another job and was able to make enough money to move into a smaller place and start his life over again.

 Results: We had 4 offers on the home, got it into escrow in 3 days and completed the sale in a record time.


Example 3

 Need: The homeowner had passed away and home was inherited by survivors. The home needs to be sold and the inheritance distributed among the heirs. The home was a large parcel of land that could be used as a horse ranch.

 Goal: Find out what the heirs expected to get from sale of home. Obtain an appraisal so all heirs will have realistic expectations and get the home ready to sell.

 Solution: Price the home. Market and network the home through websites and in places where horse people frequent.

 Execution: Send flyers to Buyers in Data Base that wanted horse property. Post flyers in Saddle and Feed stores. Keep heirs updated weekly. Put into MLS. Do a Brokers' Open House.

 Results: We found a Buyer that wanted a property they could keep horses in. We put the home into escrow and closed the sale in 32 days.




Help-U-Sell of Santa Rosa gave us wonderful, personalized support. They made sure we navigated this stormy market smoothly. The Help-U-Sell Smart Buyers program is a great deal. It helped us buy up to a better house in a better neighborhood.

- Lori O’Hara & Michael Greenberg


Thank You Help-U-Sell! Help-U-Sell sold our home in one week, and we saved $14,829!

– Gary Stanley


I SAVED $13,550 & SOLD IN 24 DAYS! I sold my home with one open house and received more than my asking price. Thank you Help-U-Sell for your professionalism and quality service.

– Robert Madrid


I SAVED $9,800!* Working with Help-U-Sell of Santa Rosa was a fantastic experience.  I am so glad they were able to help me sell my house. 

– Linda Balcom


Help-U-Sell of Santa Rosa was there every step of the way in both transactions, handling all of the complicated details of the escrow process. Plus I saved $12,275* on the sale of my home! I am very satisfied with Help-U-Sell of Santa Rosa.

– Dana Rodney


We saved $18,650* and we sold in 8 days!  The Help-U-Sell service was superb! We were very confident with the professional way they handled all the business. We would definitely use the Help-U-Sell service again.

– The Grimms


Thank you! I was 110% satisfied with my Help-U-Sell experience. They have all the industry know-how and were pleasing and professional to work with, and they saved me money with their reasonable and fair commission rates. I’m a convert. I’ll never go back to the old ways of selling and buying. Help-U-Sell is the best!

– David Schiltgen


Thanks, Help-U-Sell!! I sold a house using Help-U-Sell and I was so pleased by their advice and professional service, plus the savings in commission, that I used them again when I put another house on the market. They sold it the next day, and I saved five thousand-plus ($5000+) dollars!

– Scott Wilson


SHE DID THE JOB! I've been buying and selling Real Estate for over 25 years, and I have never met a more incredible Agent. Maurine has helped us from A to Z. She helped us get the home ready to show, price the home and plan the best marketing. We got a full price offer, and we saved money by using her Set Fee concept. I am recommending her to my friends and family.

– Madaline



Is 12 hours to sell a house a new record? I can't thank you enough for working with me on the sale of my home. Experience matters! From the moment of our first meeting you made the game plan of options very simple to navigate, and your refreshing and extensive long term knowledge of the housing market and current trends, made me very confident in my decision to enlist Help-U-Sell. It was obviously the right choice! 12 hours later I had a full price offer and saved more than $7,000 in fees! The service you provided and your attention to the details was just impeccable!


Thank you again for your no nonsense and informed approach to real estate sales. It has been such a pleasure to work with you, and I will highly recommend you to others. Great job Maurine!

 -Cindy Taatjes


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