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6 ‘Tacky’ Home Décor Trends

Trends come and go, and the folks at® recently compiled a list of a few of those faded home design trends they hope never come back in style. Make sure your listing isn’t an offender!

Here are a few of what® recently dubbed as the “tackiest home décor trends” of all time:

1. Plastic furniture covers: While you may be trying to keep the furniture clean, those thick layers of clear vinyl all over furnishings will not make guests feel welcome or comfortable as they squish into a Saran-wrapped chair.

2. Popcorn ceilings: Textured ceilings scream 70s and 80s décor. But besides a passé look, they also can absorb odors and discolor more easily too.

3. Wall-to-wall shag carpet: Sure, it’s more affordable than wood flooring but shag carpet can be tough to clean (getting stuck in a roll in your vacuum) and it can feel like your walking on yarn, according to®’s list.

4. U-shaped toilet rugs and covers: Remove those U-shaped covers along the bases of toilets and the matching toilet seat cover. They can make the bathroom appear unclean – by trapping moisture and bacteria.

5. Fabric overload: Floral prints and copious fabric in every corner of a room may have been on trend in the 1980s, but it may be long overtime to weed out some of those prints. Ruffled skirts on pieces of furniture and floral curtains just may be too much for home buyers’ tastes nowadays.

6. Hanging plants: Hanging houseplants from your ceiling can make a home look like a “jungle.” Instead, keep the greenery in a pot on the table or shelf.

View more tacky décor trends at® or offer your alone in the comment section below.

Source: “10 Tackiest Home Décor Trends We Hope Never Return,”® (Nov. 20, 2015)

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