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Spotlight Your Listing’s Outdoor Spaces

Spring is on the horizon, which makes it a great time to think about how to take advantage of your listing’s outdoor space and make it more appealing and functional for buyers.

RISMedia recently highlighted several tips for designing an outdoor space, including:

Choose the function. Carefully consider what the space can be used for. If it’s a small space, don’t try to do too much or you’ll make it look packed. For larger areas, you also don’t want to overdo it. But the space may work well for sectioning off into several areas, such as an outdoor dining space, lounge area, and space for kids to play. Create walkways between the areas and use area rugs and planters to border areas.

Select a color scheme. If the listing is located in an urban setting, you might bring in color with potted plants or colorful seat cushions and pillows. In an outdoor space that overlooks a beautiful landscape, choose more neutral materials so you won’t distract from the great view.

Find appropriate furniture. For small spaces, don’t try to cram in an eight-seat table. Instead, consider a bistro table for smaller patios – they don’t take up as much space. Find furniture that can double as storage, such as a bench with space underneath or a table with drawers to add space. “Forcing too much furniture into a small space will make it feel even smaller,” according to RISMedia’s article. For larger yards, you can separate areas with rugs, potted plants or a trellis covered in vines to establish borders that separate a lounging area from a dining space.

Source: “Quick Tips for Designing an Outdoor Dining Space,” RISMedia (Feb. 3, 2016)

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