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Show Business


Before Maurine entered into the business of Real Estate, she spent two decades focusing on her show business career. 


A Triple Threat


Maurine's show business career, which she pursued under the name of Maurine Dawson, consisted of singing, dancing, and acting on the stage, on the television, and even on the movie screen. On top of this, Maurine starred in over ninety TV commercials and cut a record titled I'll Just Sit Here, which was published by Parks Records. She also lived in England for a year, where she spent time writing and directing films at Shepperton Studios, and she starred on two comedy records titled That Family in the White House and The Family is Back. Along with this, Maurine toured the nation with the Pat Boone Show, and worked on other variety shows such as the Perry Como Show, the Eddie Fisher show, the Don Arden Show, and the Frankie Lane Show. See partial list other credits below.


Today, Maurine still uses her acting abilities through teaching. For the last twenty-five years, Maurine has taught acting at the Julie Nation Academy





Stage                             Maid in the Ozarks                 

Stage                             Foxy                                                    Bert Lahr/Broadway

Stage                             Hollywood Deb Star

Stage                             Macbeth

Stage                             Oh, Men... Oh, Women

Stage                             West Side Story

Stage                             Review Sketches

Stage                             She Loves Me

Stage                             Juliet

Stage                             Cleopatra                                             Shaw

Stage                             Bell, Book & Candle

Stage                             Bells are Ringing

Stage                             Hamlet

Stage                             Peter Pat

Stage                             Mahagony                                             Brecht

Stage                             Funny Thing Happened


TV Series                      General Electric Theater S8xE28        Sarah         

TV Series                      77 Sunset Strip S3xE22                        Guest Star

TV Series                      Maverick S5xE2                                   Ann Sutton

TV Series                      General Hospital                                Connie Tyler

TV Series                      The Rifleman S5xE4                           Molly Carpenter

TV Series                      The Lieutenant                                    Paula Watson

TV Series                      The Lieutenant S1xE15                         Sheila

TV Series                      Burke’s Law S1xE23                             1st Female Tenant

TV Series                      Burke’s Law S1xE31                             Secretary

TV Series                      McHale’s Navy S3xE5                         Siri

TV Series                      A Man Called Shenandoah                Mrs. Nichols

                                      Guest Star, The Farmer’s

                                      Daughter S2xE25

TV Series                      The Man from U.N.C.L.E.                    Sarah


TV Series                      Honey West S1xE5                               Karen French

TV Series                      Please Don’t Eat the Daisies              Alice Miller


TV Series                      The Smothers Brothers Show            Linda Harper


TV Series                      A Man Called Shenandoah S1xE32     Ellen

TV Series                      The Felony Squad S2xE7                     Peggy Doyle

TV Series                      Family Affair S2xE25                          Dress Stylist

TV Series                      Get Smart S4xE3                                  Miss Cleveland

TV Series                      The F.B.I. - “End of a Nightmare” 

TV Series                      Name of the Game

TV Series                      2nd Hundred Years

TV Series                      Lux Theatre

TV Series                      Wild, Wild West

TV Series                      Laramee

TV Series                      Bourbon Street Beat

TV Series                      John Loves Mary

TV Series                      My Sister Eileen

TV Series                      Lawman

TV Series                      Route 66

TV Series                      Talahassee 7000

TV Series                      D.A.'s Man



For more photos, please visit the "Gallery of Photos."

McHale's Navy

The Felony Squad

The Rifleman

Film                              The Mummy and the Curse of the     Donna


Film                              I Love You… Good-bye                       Barbara

Film                              You Only Die Twice

Film                              The Preacher


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