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These Are the ‘Happiest’ States in the U.S.


Hawaii reclaims its number one spot as the “happiest” state in the country – bumping out last year’s winner Alaska. The state has held the happiness title five times since 2008, according to the latest Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index.

The index measures the well-being of states across five elements: purpose, social, financial, community and physical. In 2015, financial well-being increased as well as physical fitness while there were also declines in both food and healthcare insecurity. What’s more, life evaluation – in which how Americans rate and perceive their lives – surged to a record high, according to the index.

“Well-being in the U.S. exhibits regional patterns, with the northern plains and mountain west reporting higher levels of well-being, along with some western states and pockets in the northeast and Atlantic states,” according to the report.

For 2015, here are the states that scored the highest in well-being, according to the index:

  1. Hawaii

  2. Alaska

  3. Montana

  4. Colorado

  5. Wyoming

  6. South Dakota

  7. Minnesota

  8. Utah

  9. Arizona

  10. California

  11. Texas

  12. Florida

  13. Wisconsin

  14. Iowa

  15. North Dakota

Source: “2015 State Well-Being Rankings,” Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index (January 2016)

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