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Get Ready to Sell: Part 2

Get Ready to Sell: Part 2

Are you feeling overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done in order to sell your home?

Before you get overwhelmed, remember that there are a ton of resources - namely the book

“Before You Sell Your Home” - that can help walk you through the steps. It outlines everything

you need to know and accomplish in order to make it through the entire process confidently.

In part 1 of this 2 part blog post series, all of the steps for preparing your home on the outside

were addressed. This post is prepared to pick up where that one left off and make sure you

know the steps to take care of inside the home!

● CLEAN: This one may seem obvious but the importance of it can not be stressed

enough. You should attempt to achieve that ‘new home’ sparkle as if no one had ever

lived there before. Using premium cleaning products, glosses and polishes as well as

paying attention to small areas of details can make a huge difference. Always be sure to

deep clean before a showing and try your best to keep the residence presentable in


● DE-CLUTTER: When someone comes to look at your home, they will be attempting to

imagine their furniture and belongings in place of yours. The more empty and spacious

you can make each room, the better they will be able to envision it as their home. In fact,

why delay the inevitable necessary step of packing up loose odds and ends. If you box

them up ahead of time, you can de-clutter and store them somewhere else until you are

ready to move. Feel free to also use this purging process as a chance to sort some

items for a garage sale! That extra money can be put towards fixtures and items for your

new home.

● LIGHTING: Be aware of the lighting you are placing in the living room, bedrooms,

kitchen and dining rooms. Certain lights create elegance while others can be too harsh.

Certain colors and arrangements are more or less appealing to buyers. You want to

evoke the feeling of an open space. All of the details of lighting, arrangements and

colors are outlined in my book.

The best way to truly prep your home for selling is to put yourself in the position of your buyer. If

you were buying a home, what would you be looking for? What would stand out to you as a

selling point or be something that would stand out to you in a negative way? Putting yourself in

the buyers shoes will help provide you with the best insight into how to properly prepare your


As I mentioned earlier, check out my book “Before You Sell your Home - How To: Stay Sane,

Save Money and Stay Legal” as all of this information is outlined in much more detail. It will

provide you with everything you need to know!

Can you think of some other things you should be sure to do inside before selling your home?

Comment below and let’s talk real estate!

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