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Marketing Basics to Sell Your Home

Marketing Basics to Sell your Home

In order to sell anything, you have to be able to properly promote and market it.

Promotion involves spreading a clear and consistent message in order to create a desired result. This could be a sale, an inquiry, an acquisition of contact - it all depends on your goal. In the case of trying to sell your home, you need to be able to promote your property so that buyers are aware that it exists. The end result being that you have successfully sold your home on your own!

Outlined below are some simple ways you can consider marketing your home:

  • Networking - The best way to get the word out about your new venture in selling your home is simply to talk about it! Word-of-mouth to your friends, family and co-workers who will then pass the information along is an invaluable marketing tool. Make sure they have all of the relevant information about the home and your contact information so they can get you in touch with prospective buyers. Also be sure to update them on any changes in information during the process - such as price or taking the home off the market.

  • Advertisements - Put up advertisements and promote them everywhere! With all of the advances in technology, buyers now more than ever are turning to websites and other online forms of communication and information to search for homes. Register on all relevant websites and you may even consider advertising on Social Media to further spread the word. There are so many ways to geographically target buyers so you can optimize the advertising money you are spending. There are many Social Media and Digital Marketing services you can reach out to for assistance.

  • Property Signs - While a large percentage of your buyers could find you via technology, there are still many buyers who prefer to drive around different areas and neighborhoods to get an idea of the location and what is for sale. Be sure to post a property sign that is easy to read and visible from different angles. Include a phone number that is legible and your best point of contact. (And of course, keep your yard in tip-top shape to really sell it!)

  • Flyers - Creating physical flyers that you keep in your office, car, purse, briefcase, etc. can serve the same purpose as business cards. Whenever you strike up a conversation with someone about selling your home, you can immediately provide them with reading material to take with them. Whether it is for them or someone else, this provides something tangible that they can then pass along. You can also ask places in your community if they will allow you to display the flyers in those places as well.

There are many additional tips for marketing your home as well as specific ways you can really help sell your property in my book, “Before You Sell Your Home”. One example is that you should remove all family photos before showing your home to a prospective buyer. Any idea why? Check out my book and you will learn the answer to that and many other questions!

Do you have additional questions on marketing your home? Comment below and let’s talk real estate!

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